Our modular ultrasonic dryer
can be reconfigured to fit into
your application
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Our modular ultrasonic dryer
can be reconfigured to fit into
your application
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UTS is developing the next
generation of the space
solid waste management system
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Custom piezoelectric
transducers design and
fabrication capabilities

Large scale system
design and
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Our ultrasonic
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Welcome to Ultrasonic Technology Solutions

The drying energy sector in North America is responsible for 15% of the country’s energy consumption. We have developed industrial and commercial ultrasonic
dryers that are 2 times faster and 3 to 5 times more efficient than the conventional heat-based drying system. Our products can cut millions of dollars from the
operational expenses, and significantly increase the throughput of the various manufacturing production lines.

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Ultrasonic Drying!

Conventional dryers use heat to dry an article. Heat is used to evaporate water. Evaporation of water is a very energy intensive process which requires about 2200 kJ/kg (0.611 kWh/kg) of energy. Considering the thermal losses in the typical dryer, even more energy is used for drying.


Slide Ayyoub Momen “ Dr. Ayyoub M. Mome is the inventor of the ultrasonic clothes dryer and a successful scholar in thermal fluid sciences, specifically drying technologies He launched the "Ultrasonic Technology Solutions" company in 2018.” John Morris “ Previously, Mr. Morris was the COO for ImmersaCAD, a cloud-based SaaS platform for architects and engineers to share their designs in virtual reality. Previously, Mr. Morris founded Clearpath Ventures, a venture focused company, engaging ...” Benjamin R. Colgrove “Ben Colgrove joined Ultrasonic Technology Solutions after leading laboratory operations at Electric Power Research Institute’s multifaceted energy research labs. He also directed corporate environmental, health and safety; and various .....” Our Team

Our Products

In Sept 2018, Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, LLC "exclusively" licensed Ultrasonic Drying technology from ORNL
for industrial and commercial use.

We transform and customize ultrasonic drying technology for broad use in the commercial and industrial domains.

United States

Ultrasonic Technology Solutions, LLC.

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Knoxville, TN, 37932

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